Complimentary Style & Concept Consultation

This part of the process is extremely important in order to produce some photographs that will fulfill your desires and answer your needs for the lowest cost.

It is where we determine why you need or want the photographs, how you would like them to look or what you would like them to say and some of the potential costs.

We do this by looking through much of my previous work, deciding what you like and then together we can determine what might work best for you and your objectives

It is best done in person either in the Studio and/or at your home however, it can also be done via telephone or Skype if absolutely necessary.

It is true that this part of the process can be and sometimes is eliminated ... but if it is ... then the end results may not be what are truly desired so it is highly recommended. If you decide to dispense with the consultation then full payment of any session fees would be required 48 hours prior to the session’s scheduled start time and refunds due to dissatisfaction will be less likely.

To contact me and book a consultation where a better idea of all potential costs can be determined click HERE .