Complimentary Style & Concept Consultation

Also referred to simply as a "Consultation" this part of the process is extremely important in order to produce some photographs that will fulfill your desires and answer your needs for the lowest cost.

It is where we determine why you need or want the photographs, how you would like to them to look and what some of the costs will be.

It is also an opportunity for you to "interview" us to determine if we have the ability to fulfill whatever objectives you may have.

It is true that this part of the process can be and often is eliminated ... but if it is ... then the end results are likely to be mediocre at best and not what you truly desired.

The consultation is best done in person at the studio but in some cases we could come to you or it could occur via telephone.

It is totally free and can be very educational.

To book a consultation simply CONTACT us. 

To get some idea of possible costs click HERE