Prints and Products and How to Obtain Them

From time to time or perhaps much of the time, you might need a little boost of confidence and one good way to get that is to see a large beautiful portrait of yourself hanging on a wall that you see often. 

There are those that may regard it as vanity or narcissism; however, it only becomes those if one becomes self-absorbed, indifferent to others and believes that everything is about oneself. But there's nothing wrong with feeling good about yourself and how you appear. 

All images displayed on this site are available for purchase as prints for wall art as well as printed of a variety of other products such as mugs, tote bags, cell phone cases etc.

Mariana Mac Adam_2018-0884.02.jpg

Prints can be requested by contacting me directly via email with "PRINT ORDER" on the subject line and then the image number that appears on the image when the mouse pointer hovers over it as well as the size desired and the number of copies. I will let you know the closest size to the size requested that I can provide.

Besides Straightforward prints on paper there are other surfaces like canvas and brushed metal upon which images can be printed and these could all be fully explored during a special purchasing consultation.

Contact me for more information and help on deciding what size to order.

If it is desired that the prints last several hundred years before they begin to deteriorate then that should be specified by requesting "Archival" prints.

I will provide you with a price and if that is accepted then I will supply an invoice with terms for payment. Once a payment has been received I will start to fulfill the request.

This gallery will be available for at least 3 months and the images will be kept on file indefinitely.

PEggy C_2018-4125.jpg

More forms in which images can be ordered

For a greater array of wall art images printed on a variety of high quality archival papers as well as on various products contact me directly or go to my Fine Art America page HERE and click on any image you like.

After clicking on an image you will be shown the various forms in which it can be purchased as well as the price in Canadian dollars. Anything that is ordered can be returned for a refund but that is all explained on the Fine Art America site and all of the terms should be read before ordering.

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